Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Color Pooling in Addi King Size Knitting Machine

How to Color Pooling in Addi King Size Express Knitting Machine

  • You will need a variegated yarn of any brand. Unravel few yards of  your yarn to see the color pattern and the length of each color.
  • Make a swatch. Using your addi king size machine, knit a flat piece. Count and take note of how many stitches per colors.
  • Change the stitch count, this is will be the number of your cast on. Keep changing the number of of the stitch count until you find the pattern you like. But remember, Addi king size machine has only 43 stitches in flat knit. 
  • After you find the "magic number" for your yarn, ready your Addi king size knitting machine and knit in flat. 
  • Block your piece if neccesary.

Red Heart Yarn in color Mistletoe

Planned Pooling 
Helpful Video

How to Knit Flat Panel in Addi King Size Express Machine

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