Sunday, January 11, 2015

Graphghan SC vs. TSS


Are you ready to start your first graphghan? In my earlier post, we talked about some FAQ about graphghan and one of the topic is what stitch we should use. Again, the answer is, it's personal preference. But today, we will talk about the two most common used stitch in making a graphghan- the Single Crochet (SC) and Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) or also known as Afghan Stitch.

Type Of Crochet Hook:
When doing graphghan using Single Crochet stitch you will only need a regular crochet hook. While doing a graphghan using the Tunisian Simple Stitch you will need a long crochet hook, as we called afghan hook, specially in big projects.

Appearance- Front:
Using Single Crochet will give you a puzzle-like look image. While using Tunisian Simple Stitch will give you a crisp image.

Appearance- Back:
Using Single Crochet will give you a mirror image.  While using Tunisian Simple Stitch will have a interlocking stitches at the back.

Tunisian crochet taking longer than single crochet is a myth!
Single Crochet: 1) Insert hook, pull up look 2) Yarn over, pull through two loops.
Tunisian Simple Stitch: 1) Do step one across 2) do step across.

Single Crochet and Tunisian Simple Stitch are exactly the same in speed. Tunisian crochet is single crochet done in assembly-line fashion.
-Kim Guzman

Reading The Graph:
When reading your graph and doing Single Crochet, you have to read one line (row) in one direction then the next line will be in opposite direction. While in Tunisian Simple Stitch you will only read you graph in one direction.

Finished Product:
Single crochet stays flat while in Tunisian Simple Stitch it will curl.

But don't worry about the curling when using Tunisian Simple Stitch, Kim Guzman have awesome techniques to stop the curling! Read here >>> Tunisian Crochet: Stop The Curling

Here are the video tutorials that I highly recommended for you to watch to learn graphghans:

Graphghan Using Single Crochet

Graphghan Using Tunisian Simple Stitch

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