Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Crochet Lace Gown & Beautiful Yarns

DIY Wedding Gown

 A very delicate and beautiful gown I made using handmade gradient color-changing yarn.

It's been a while since the last time I crocheted, even a snowflake. Last month, I decided to import beautiful yarns from the Philippines and create a project to check the quality of the yarn. I made the Chrysanthemum Gown that is designed by Chi Krneta. Using the suggested crochet hook sizes and in the size small, I finished the gown with still a lot of leftover yarns that I decided to buy the "Chrysanthemum Gown Train Addition" pattern for the longer gown version. Using only one cake of yarn, I only got to round 40 of the train. The Chrysanthemum Gown Train Addition has 54 rounds plus the edging or you can continue the gown and add the optional flare at the back side which has another 40 more rounds. I can say that I'm very happy with this yarn's quality and the beautiful gradual color-changing. I'm already searching for my next project!

I keep seeing these beautiful yarns from my fellow Filipino crocheter and knitters friends and I'm really itching to try it. Even though the price is affordable, you can't just buy one or ten of it because of the expensive shipping fee. You need to buy it in bulk order, like 80 cakes of yarns to justify the shipping fee!

So last month, I decided to order in bulk and re-sell the other to my fellow crocheter and knitters here in the US and outside the country. These are 8-ply of cotton threads that they wind together by hand. They mixed at least three to eight different colors carefully for gradual color-changing effect. I found it weird that they are selling it by grams, not by yards. There are 250 grams to 300 grams each cake. My vendor said it is 1100 yards or more. Yes, indeed it is more than 1100 yards since the Chrysanthemum gown that I made requires 1500 yards for the short version and another 1500 yards for the additional train!

These beautiful handmade yarns are available at our Etsy shop: www.anabelletracy.etsy.com 

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