Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Crochet Lovey

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How To Crochet Lovey
By Anabelle Tracy © May 2014

These loveys that I made a few months ago are finally heading to their new home! They are ready to ship tomorrow together with some Santa hats I made. One of my favorite crochet designer and blogger, Kathy Lashley, has developed a group called Elk Studio- From The Heart. In this group, she invites women who are willing to donate things they made to various charitable groups and they also conduct monthly meetings with each charity. This month - July - is led by Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise, the group will collect donations for Project Sweet Peas.  The types of projects are a preemie and infant hats, memory blankets and seasonal items. If you want to join this great cause, follow the link above!

What exactly is a lovey? Also known as a transitional object,  it is something that a child uses to aid their feeling of security. such as a blanket or stuffed animals.

Making a lovey is very easy. It's basically a small blanket with an attached stuffed toy. The blanket is usually 12 x 12 square inches, but of course, you can make it as big or small as you want. The blanket can be a traditional granny square or whatever type of blanket you wish.

But the question is where we are going to get the patterns for the body parts? It's easy, find a free amigurumi pattern online and use the pattern for the head and hands. And here's a bonus, you can make additional stuffed toys from that pattern to pair into your lovey blanket!

Credits to all awesome and very kind crochet designers that are giving their patterns away for free. The following patterns are what I've used for my lovely lovies...

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