Thursday, March 28, 2019

Crochet Rainbow Skull Parasol

It's all started with this sparkly rainbow yarn/thread!

This is one of the yarns that I imported from the Philippines. My supplier is so kind and gave me a cone of a metallic thread too! I decided to re-wind my yarn together with the metallic thread to give it a sparkly effect. It will be available again in the first week of April at my Etsy shop: Anabelle Tracy. The last batch sold quickly, so if you want this rainbow yarn, grab it as fast as you can!

gothic parasol

I've been wanting to make a parasol, I want something unique. Until I saw this talented designer in one of the crochet group that I'm in. I sent her a message and ask her if it is possible to have a big skull doily and the skulls are facing outward because I'm planning to make it into a parasol and she is happily accepted my challenge! It takes a while before she finally releases the pattern and it is superb! It's more than I imagine. If you will look closely it is not just skulls, there are also full skeleton!

Crochet Lace Rainbow Parasol

I will not be able to make this beautiful parasol without the awesome pattern made by Ann Wanamaker. You can find this pattern at her Ravelry shop: Skelly Go Round With Skulls Of Plenty

Crochet Parasol

My love of crochet, rainbow, and sugar skulls in one masterpiece.

Skulls and skeletons tan lines anyone?

After this, I know there will be more parasol in the future! I'm searching now for the next pattern and perfect yarn! 


pharmgirl147 said...

Omg! That is gorgeous! I love rainbows and skulls and this is so unique!

Unknown said...

OMG! This is perfect for a gift for my DIL. What size umbrella frame did you use and how did you attach it? Her birthday is in a week! Yikes! I love this so much!

Unknown said...

How did you attach it