Friday, March 29, 2019

Black Gradient Yarns Collection

Whenever I have a yarn delivery, I grab one or two for myself, who can resist these beautiful yarns! It is also my way of testing the quality of the yarn, to see how's the color changing, and how it looks like in a finished project. For this Black Gradient Yarns Collection, I used the Black - Red - Light Red color to make this scarf. I used Shellscape By Lisa Cook, this is a perfect pattern to showcase the beautiful color-changing of the yarn. 

My scarf has an almost equal amount of color black and red. I have plenty left over for one cake of yarn, I didn't get to the lighter color of red. The leftover yarn can be used to make a small doily, tassel earrings, or barefoot sandals.

Here are all the colors for Black Gradient Yarns Collections, and there will a Black - Pink - Light Pink version coming in my next yarn delivery. You can buy them at my Etsy shop: anabelletracy. If you like something be sure to grab it quick as they sell fast! My best sellers color is the Black - Purple - Light Purple, it sold just a few minutes after I post it!

Are you looking for a specific color combination? Comment below and I'll try my best to make it for you!