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Graphghan FAQ

crochet graphghan

Graphgan: FAQ
By Anabelle Tracy © August 2017

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Hello lovelies, I would like to share my first graphghan! I've been dying to make graphghan for so long but it always intimidated me. But, finally I got brave enough and tried it! It's not as hard as I thought, believe me! Even though this is very simple pattern I learned a lot by making this and I'm ready to try out a more detailed graphghan soon…
Here are some FAQ about graphghans:

Q: What is graphghan?
A: A technique of making an afghan (scarf, pillow or even hats) by following a graph or a chart in order to resembles an image. It also known as intarsia, tapestry or fair isle crochet.

Q: Where can I find patterns?
A: There are so many free and paid patterns available online. You can also use knitting, perler beads or cross stitch patterns. Also, there are tons of Facebook groups that offers free graph patterns and will help you.

Q: Can I make my own graphs?
A: Yes, there are free online programs can be use to create graphs like the following: Stitchboard, knitPro and myphotostitch. If you are planning to make a proffesional graphgans patterns to sell, I suggests to buy the PCstitch or WinStitch software.

Q: What are the differences between PCstitch and WinStitch?
A: PCstitch is more friendly user than Winstitch. However, PCstitch don’t make the written instruction for the graphgan like the WinStitch do!

Q: What is skill level needed?
A: Easy. If you know one stitch and how to do the color changing, you are good to go.

Q: What crochet stitch I should use?
A: This is personal preference. You can use single crochet (SC), half double crochet (HDC), double crochet (DC) or Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS).  Another ways of doing graphghan are by diagonal box stitch or also known as corner to corner (c2c). Or making granny squares and stitching them together.
Q: My graph is this X big, how big the finished project will turn out?
A: In graphgan, each squares are equivalent to one stitch. To determine what will be the size of your finished project, you need to do a gauge checking.

Q: How to check gauge?
A: First, make a gauge swatch. Then, you need to measure how many stitches and how many rows that will makes a 1”.

Using SC stitch, crochet the following for a gauge swatch.
R1: Chain 6, SC in the 2nd chain from the hook and to the next 4 chains, chain 1 and turn.
R2-R6: SC across, chain 1 and turn.

Next, measure how many stitches that will makes a 1” and how many rows that will makes a 1”.

Mine: 4 sc x 4 rows = 1”

If I have a graph that have 50x50 squares, my finished project will measures 12.5”x12.5”.
Let’s do the math. 50 ÷ 4 = 12.5 (every 4 squares and every 4 rows  in the graph is equal to 1”.)

Hopes this helps and I encourage you to try graphghan. If you have other questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer it.


Unknown said...

so you have a written pattern?. TIA :)

Joy said...

Hi Love, I have a question. Since all the different stitches have different heights, and I know everyone's gauge is different, which stitch, in your opinion makes for a uniform look?